Biobag diy

Learn how to do your own bioplastic bag ! (Fab Textiles, Fab Lab Barcelona, 2017)

BioBags is an environmental project about how to replace plastic bags with biodegradable materials. A plastic bag takes about 450 years to disintegrate in nature. This blue BioBag made with bioplastic is completely biodegradable. This bag takes about one week to dissolve in the water.

Here you can download the BioBag file to laser cut in a bioplastic sheet you need to cook first. Use laser cut parameters similar to rubber cutting.

The BioBag file ready to be laser cut :

Thingiverse link :

Follow the DIY : Create your BioBag in 5 steps !
(1) Prepare your material
(2) Cook your bioplastic
(3) Let it dry (
4) Laser cut the file
(5) Assemble your BioBag