The Secrets of Bioplastic

What is the bioplastic ? How to make it ? Learn the secrets of bioplastic... (Fab Textiles, Fab Lab Barcelona, 2017)

Bioplastic made with gelatin base is a renewable biological raw material fabricated with only organic matter. It's a simple recipe than anyone can try at home you just need gelatin, glycerol and water.

During our experimentation we discovered than bioplastic :

- can take any shape (volume, surface, sheet...)

- can have different performance by changing the dosages of water, gelatin and glycerol (elastic -> rigid)

- can be transparent & smooth or opaque & fluffy if you add air inside the mix

- can dissolve in the water (it is not water resistant)

- can be easily recycled and reused by warming it again

- don’t smell good (especially when you cook it, once dry the smell begins to fade)

- glues to wood, metal, cardboard but not on glass or plastic surface

- doesn’t resist the heat (never put bioplastic in the oven, it will melt !)

- if you create a large volume of bioplastic it will tend to mold

- it will shrink and change its shape while it dries (use a frame if you don't want it to lose it's shape)

-> Bioplastic recipe you can print at home :