What is Bioteca ?


Bioteca is an ongoing material archive that Clara Davis started at Fabtextiles, Fab Lab Barcelona back in 2016.
This archive only contains materials that are NON-petroleum based, each one of them is bio-based, biodegradable and compostable. These materials called "bioplastics" are made from different types of biopolymers sourced from the vegetal kingdom such as : agar agar, sodium alginate, tapioca starch... or the animal kingdom such as : collagen, casein, chitin... Each biomaterial sample is labeled with specific information : category, type, composition, properties, degradation and care recommendations; to help to understand the possible applications of the material.

"As a designer giving birth to objects, it is crucial for me to develop sustainable materials inspired by know-how practices that predate the explosion of oil exploitation. Material research should be part of the early stage of every design process. With BIOTECA material archive my goal is to innovate through design, contribute to the growth of this new community of material designers invested in sustainable developments and inspire manufacturers to implement more ethical and ecological means of production. I believe that our future will be forged by this common effort."