Calgina bodysuit

Calgina bodysuit ⚗️ research on a well-being and skin repair garment made with aglaes and other natural compounds
Project by Clara Davis

Imagine a world where our garments would have augmented biological functionalities. A world where materials are designed to interact with the human body and the environment. A world where clothes are engineered for improving human well-being as well as our environment. Calgina is a biogarment that highlight those values. The material of this bodysuit was made by calcium alginate microencapsulation of essential oils and other powerful natural compounds.
The result ? A bodysuit that boots the immune system and helps to regenerate the skin cells of the wearer. This wellness garment has been designed to be worn in a moment of relaxation at home, on the sofa or in the bath. Lie down, close your eyes, breath in and let yourself drown in the aphrodisiac smells of Calgina.

Model : Isobel Kemp
Photographer : Clara Davis