Tesselation Birds

Tesselation Birds, modular project (Fabricademy, FabTextiles, Fab Lab Barcelona, 2018)

How can we change the way we think, the way we produce, the way we consume ? This project is about modularity. Garments are reimagined as 'systems' of modules : parts can be swapped out, replaced or reused. This design technique is an attempt to combine the advantages of standardization with high volume and low manufacturing costs with the power of customization. This modular system was designed with only one shape that can be assembled and repeated indefinitely. A single module can be easily replaced and added to generate different types of 3 dimensional garments. It is a multifunctional system that also does not require any sewing for greater versatility.

What is a tesselation ?
Tessellation are shapes, usually geometrics, with no gaps or overlaps. In textile design we call it «all other» pattern. The most famous artist who used tessellation technique in his work is M.C. Escher. This dutch graphic artist liked to play with the mind by using mathematics for creating impossible or evolutive constructions. At the time, M.C. Escher was producing his complex drawings by hand, now with a computer it’s much more easy to create a tessellation system.
For designing a tessellation, first you just have to choose between a triangle, a rectangle or a hexagon base. Then you draw a curve on one side of the geometric shape you choose and repeat the curve on each sides of the shape. Here on the left, I re-design on Illustrator a bird tessellation that I liked.