Thermo-chro-mico Top

Thermo-chro-mico Top, screen-printed thermochromic ink + conductive threads
Project by Clara Davis, Rose Ekwé, Cristian Rizzuti, Angel Munoz
At Fab Textiles, Fab Lab Barcelona SPAIN

Materials : stretch polyester, thermochromic ink
Color and Texture : white fabric, dark green turning to yellow green
Dimensions : medium

Thermochromic inks have the property to change color with temperature. Thermo-chro-mico Top is a garment that changes pattern according to an Arduino system. The Arduino is connected to a Bluetooth device (Adafruit M0 Feather) which allows one to control the pattern of the dress with a mobile phone. The code implemented in the Arduino produced several heating combinations, such that lines appears in the thermochromic paint, gradually changing the shape of the pattern.
The thermochromic ink were screen-print on the laser cut pattern of the top before the sewing process. Then, lines of conductive threads were embroidered on the assembled top and link to the Arduino system.